2023 rok na polskich drogach. Poprawy nie widać

2023 on Polish roads. There is no improvement

The police have published a report on road accidents in 2023. Unfortunately, the improvement compared to the previous 12 months is very small.

Every year, the police publishes a report on accidents and collisions that occurred on Polish roads last year. In recent years, we had reasons to be satisfied, because there were fewer and fewer of them. However, 2023 is not so positive. The improvement over 2022 is very minimal.

2023 on Polish roads

In total, 20,936 road accidents occurred on Polish roads in 2023. This means a decrease of only 1.8% compared to the previous year. As a result of these events, 1,893 people died (1,896 people a year earlier). However, 24,125 people were injured, including 7,797 seriously. This result is 2.5% lower. Every year. It is also worth mentioning the number of collisions throughout the year: 365,991, i.e. 56,636 fewer than the year before.

2023 - accidents on Polish roads

This shows that safety on Polish roads, compared to 2022, has improved slightly. However, there is nothing to complain about. Just 10 years ago, there were over 34,000 accidents every year, killing about 3,200 people, so we still have reasons to be satisfied.

The data on the age of people who caused accidents are also interesting. They are as follows:

  • 0-6 years – 7 accidents
  • 7-14 years old – 247 accidents
  • 15-17 years old – 230 accidents
  • 18-24 years old – 2,898 accidents
  • 25-39 alt – 5570 accidents
  • 40-59 years old – 5,643 accidents
  • 60 plus years – 3,571 accidents
  • no data – 892 accidents

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