18 years later, Microsoft announces the closure of the Store of its Xbox 360

Launched in 2005 and replaced by the Xbox One in 2013, the old Xbox 360 now has one more foot in the grave. This week, Microsoft announces that after almost 18 years of good and loyal service, the Store of its old console will cease to be active in 2024. Fortunately, the games and DLC already purchased will remain downloadable.

July 2024. If you own an Xbox 360 and still use its online store, keep that date in mind. In a press release published on August 17, Microsoft announces that as of July 29, 2024, the store of his old console will no longer allow the purchase of games, DLC and other content that are currently still offered there.

This measure, foreseeable for a console which will celebrate its 18th birthday at the end of the year, will not however prevent it from continuing to download the games and content already acquired on the Store. Clearly, you will be able to continue to freely access your dematerialized Xbox 360 games, assures Microsoft, even after July 29, 2024. In the meantime, purchases remain available.

Multiplayer will remain available

If you have shopping to do on your Xbox 360, you have about 11 months left to do so… but as Microsoft points out, the majority of Xbox 360 content is available on the Xbox One and Xbox Series S Store | X. In the same idea, most games purchased in their time on Xbox 360 can be downloaded and launched on the Xbox Series through the backward compatibility offered by the latest consoles from the American giant.

We also learn that this closure of the Xbox 360 Store will not be synonymous with stopping multiplayer services on the machine, and that the synchronization of Xbox 360 backups in the cloud will also remain active to start a game on Xbox 360 and finish (for example) on an Xbox Series. Microsoft nevertheless specifies that access to multiplayer remains conditional on the support of the servers by the Xbox 360 game publishers.

Even after July 2024, you’ll still be able to play games and connect with friends in multiplayer mode on games you’ve purchased, as long as the publisher still supports online servers “explains the firm. Perhaps more restrictive, Microsoft indicates that in parallel with this progressive scrapping of the Xbox 360 Store, the “Movies and TV” application of the console will also close its doors.

This measure is a little more troublesome since this time it will no longer be possible at all to access films and episodes of series already purchased on Xbox 360. Fortunately, this content will not be lost: you will be able to find them on the application. “Movie & TV” also available on Windows 10 and 11, as well as Xbox One and Xbox Series. Clearly, it will simply change platform.

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