1.2 million LEDs for this giant sphere, Las Vegas offers itself one more extravagance

Sphere, a gigantic globe more than 100 meters high, made up of 1.2 million LEDs, was lit in the heart of Las Vegas on the occasion of the American National Day.

112 meters high, 157 meters in circumference, 1.2 million LEDs and more than 53,000 m² of fully programmable display area, here is Sphere, the latest extravaganza housed in the heart of Las Vegas, not far from the César Palace and of the Flamingos. Lit for the first time on the evening of July 4, this enormous globe displayed various animations throughout the evening, ranging from simple fireworks to the inevitable star-spangled banner, passing by the Moon, a pumpkin, or even… a globe ocular.

On the outside, we learn that the clusters of LEDs are spaced from each other by about 20 cm. Each cluster is made up of 48 individual LEDs that can each display 256 million colors, reports The Verge. This giant sphere also and above all acts as a concert hall: inside are thus installed 18,000 seats, arranged in a circular manner, as well as a giant LED screen offering a 16K definition (a definition already used by some very top of the line).

A pharaonic investment… and a first major event in September

This room, which has not yet officially opened its doors, will host a first U2 concert in September. This will be the first event organized in this new place. It will then be a question of making profitable the construction of this titanic globe with futuristic overtones. According to The Vergethe installation indeed required an initial investment of more than 2 billion dollars to Sphere Entertainment, the company behind this astonishing project now fully realized.

Note that he did not leave his first viewers indifferent, as evidenced by the many videos that have flourished on Twitter, YouTube and TikTok on Tuesday evening. You will find some of them below.


Las Vegas MSG Sphere inaugural show for the 4th of July. #lasvegas #msgsphere #4thofjuly #trending #fyp #vegastok

♬ original sound – day amazing


Sphere Vegas made its official debut tonight July 4th with none other than the all seeing eye 👁️ Cameras that make up the almost 360° experience are 40x 4k with 8 patents pending, and the audio is just as robust. Expect more of these immersive experiences coming to sin cityas Universal Studios is set to open a massive horror house next door to Area 15!! #area15 #universialstudios #vegastiktok #spherevegas #vegaslocal #whattodoinvegas #fyp #vegaslife

♬ Star Spangled (Bass Boosted) – SNC


Bonjour Monde!!! Video via @mwarchala. #MSGsphere #SphereVegas #Sphere #TheSphere #LasVegas #Vegas

♬ original sound – Perez Hilton

What a night. 🌕 🚈 pic.twitter.com/pEszSq2A2m

— Sphere (@SphereVegas) July 5, 2023

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